SPAROS Young Researcher Grant - UPDATE

July 2014 - Sparos grants for young researchers to cover participation in the Aquaculture Europe 2014 meeting (San Sebastián, Spain) have already been attributed. 
After reviewing all submissions, the award committee (Dr. Benjamín Costas, Dr. Nadège Richard and Dr. Tomé Silva) agreed, by unanimous decision, to attribute these grants to Ana Ramalho (CCMAR, Faro, Portugal) and Inês Guerreiro (CIIMAR, Porto, Portugal). SPAROS congratulates Ana and Inês, since their work stood out as great examples of high-quality and high-impact research in the field of Nutrition and Feeding of Aquatic Species.
Ana's work contributes towards the development of aquaculture fish with health beneficial properties to the consumer. A specialty feed with Laminaria, a natural macroalgae, resulted in gilthead seabream fillets with high levels of n-3 PUFA and minerals like iodine. Her work demonstrates that natural feeding strategies to tailor the composition of farmed fish can convey health benefits to consumers that go well beyond the basic nutritional needs. This opens the way for new market strategies and product differentiation in the Mediterranean aquaculture industry. 
Inês's work is the first one aiming to elucidate if prebiotics can change lipid and glucose metabolism in fish, after having been shown that they can affect lipid and glucose metabolism in mammals. The use of prebiotics may become more important with the increased use of plant feedstuffs in aquafeeds, given their possible role in counteracting some of the potential negative effects of these feedstuffs on fish performance. This can contribute towards higher use of plant feedstuffs, reducing the reliance on fishmeal in the aquaculture sector. 

We congratulate Ana and Inês once more and look forward to see their presentations in San Sebastián. 
SPAROS would like to thank all the candidates that participated in this initiative. We hope to see you all presentations in San Sebastián.