SPAROS launches a new weaning feed: WIN FAST

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SPAROS has launched in April 2016 a new high performing weaning feed for larvae targeting at fast growing marine fish species such as amberjacks/ yellowtails, groupers, cobia, bluefin tuna, meagre and red drum. This feed - WIN FAST - allows for a faster transition from live feeds, improves growth and survival, and reduces cannibalism.


This feed is expected to support industrial farming efforts for these fast growing species easing larval weaning from live-feeds to inert microdiets and allowing higher quality juveniles. Although several commercial weaning diets exist with relatively high success for larvae of other marine fish species, additional challenges are faced when considering fast-growing species. Namely, tremendous growth rates during the larval stage indicate these species may have particularly high requirements in protein, lipid and other nutrients.


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WIN FAST aims to address these challenges. It results from a 6-year R&D effort of SPAROS in collaboration with CCMAR, University of Algarve and IPMA (Portugal) and Futuna Blue España and ICMAN/CSIC (Spain), involving extensive ingredient evaluation and microencapsulation. This feed has demonstrated improved growth and survival, reduced cannibalism and faster weaning in greater amberjack and meagre, and improved growth and survival in gilthead seabream. WIN FAST is part of the HATCHERY FEEDS by SPAROS range.