SPAROS is a partner in H2020 project WiseFeed

The WiseFeed project is an integrated network of research groups from the academia and industrial partners, where the overall aim is to improve performance and sustainability of aquafeeds for fish production. 


The project is organized as a collaborative network with staff secondments where knowledge will be shared, and joint research will be conducted in activities ranging from building knowledge in basic physiology and mechanistic modelling, selection of raw materials and feed additives, applied testing of feed producing technology and feeding trials. The final applied aim is to implement the findings into innovative products and services in the industrial partners. WiseFeed is funded by H2020 Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) scheme, under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.



Dr. Le Minh Hoang (Nha Trang University) preparing extruded diets for a Wisefeed trial with Cobia at SPAROS pilot plant for fish feeds.


The partners work on different target fish species: Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), Ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta), gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata), Senegalese sole (Solea senegalensis), and cobia (Rachycentron canadum). These species have their unique characteristics but also share some of the same challenges with respect to sustainability and performance of feed formulations and the diversity thus adds to a better understanding of the overall aims of the project as well as the biology of each species.


In addition to SPAROS and University of Bergen (project coordinator), the consortium include the Industry partners EVONIK (Germany) and BIOMIN (Austria), and the Academic partners NIFES (Norway), CSIC (Spain), CCMAR (Portugal) and Nha Trang University (Vietnam). SPAROS will contribute in the project with expertise in aquafeed ingredients and additives, feed formulation, ingredient processing, feed technology, nutrient retention and growth studies, digestibility studies, and mechanistic modelling.


SPAROS is currently hosting Dr. Le Minh Hoang (Nha Trang University), who is doing a 2 month stay SPAROS pilot plant for fish feed, to get training in fish feed formulation and production. He is also preparing extruded diets for a Wisefeed trial with Cobia to take place in Nha Trang later this year.